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You never know when trouble is around the corner. But with GM Roadside Assistance,
you have the security of knowing that help is just a phone call away.
Even high-quality design and engineering can't prevent occasional problems.
That's why General Motors created the Roadside Assistance service.
This service is an important added benefit of ownership

Roadside assistance

Customers most frequent questions


How can I use this service?

Just call 03-970045 and our devoted personnel is there to assist you 7 days a week 24 hrs a day


Is this service provided for the owner of the car only?

Not at all, Roadside Assistance coverage is for the vehicle operator, regardless of ownership, and is in effect for the duration of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty period. But when your New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage expires the service can be offered at a reasonable charge for all IMPEX CUSTOMERS.


What are the benefits of this service?

Roadside Assistance includes:

  • Emergency Towing Service
  • Jump-Start Service
  • Flat Tire Change
  • Emergency fuel service
  • Lockout Service

Emergency Towing Service

If your vehicle becomes disabled for any reason related to a technical failure or overheated, call the roadside assistance.

Jump-Start Service

Dead Battery? Whatever the reason a call to Roadside Assistance ensures that someone is on hand to give you a friendly boost.

Flat Tire Change

Flat Tire? No need for you to worry anymore, if you can supply an inflated spare in good condition, Roadside Assistance will send someone to change it for you.

Emergency Fuel Service

Miles from anywhere and out of gas? We'll arrive with enough to get you on your way.

Lockout Service

If you're locked out, Roadside Assistance will help get you back in your vehicle and back on the road. If you can't gain access to or start your vehicle due to lost or broken key, or keys locked in the vehicle, Roadside Assistance will dispatch assistance or arrange to have your vehicle taken to our Service Center.

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